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Question What would you say to Emma if she told you how she knocked Hook out with a compass? The women in your family can be rather violent with guys who end up interested in you



Well, like mother like daughter.

I really don’t think that’s something to brag or be happy about on the violent comment. And on my end it wasn’t just for the hell of it as I was more trying to return home and the compass was just in my hand when I hit him. 

Question I would slap your mother Snow for not caring more about such adorable daughter as you.




No one is slapping anyone. Mary Margaret cares about me in her own way, but I’m not adorable since that sounds like something you would say to a baby or something.

Saying your mother loves you in her own way just sounds sad. And I’m not trying to be mean. You sound like someone who’s husband is cheating on them and your trying to defend him to someone telling you to leave him. She’s your mother she should just love you, not love you in her own way. You’re not a disappointment as a daughter, if you were mine I’d be very proud of who you became. I know very well about feeling unloved by your mother. Knowing that your mother loves a sibling more then you especially if that sibling is younger. I really find your mother annoying so I’m not going to disagree with the slapping your mother thing lol. but still if you had another baby would you love it more then you do Henry? No you wouldn’t and you wouldn’t love it in your own way either you would just love the baby. So if what you’re saying us correct then MM really does need to be slapped sorry.


No, but have you ever thought how awkward it’s to have a daughter around the same age as yourself? She loves me and she doesn’t deserve a slap from anyone, but it’s difficult at times for her considering she doesn’t know much about me from a mother/daughter view. Mary Margaret was my friend; however, Snow is my mother and she hasn’t had the chance to learn much about me from a mother’s view. Some of her stuff that she has said whether it has hurt me or not is my business, but it isn’t her fault because she has no idea the things I’ve dealt with. So yes, she’s doing it in her own way and some might not disagree with her way, but people don’t seem to realize how difficult it’s when the woman has no idea on how to make things better for her daughter as she hasn’t had the chance to know how things work with me.

Alright you do have a valid point and I will concede on the slapping thing. Your situation yes is award as hell with the age thing not sure I would react the same were I you. ~ imjustrobyn

Question I saw Robin today w/Roland & Marian. She was smiling but Robin looked so MISERABLE. Never seen him look so sad. He was so happy in SB carrying on about how beautiful you were and he couldn't believe he could love someone so much again. He started getting on our nerves so bad because he would never start talking about you. I haven't seen him this happy in YEARS. He was miserable in the EF when I knew him too. We were so happy he was happy. Now he looks as miserable as he did then.


If you’re looking for the gossip mill, you have the wrong person. Grumpy’s inbox is the one you want.


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She’s fucking annoying

If you’re going to say things like that about my family, I suggest you do it where I won’t see it.

Now now Regina she maybe your family but that does not make her not annoying. And if I didn’t want you to see it I wouldn’t have said it. If your offended then I apologize I meant no offense to you. I am not the only one to find her annoying, even her own daughter is annoyed by her so it should not be a surprise that someone else should think the same. Again sorry if I offended. ~ imjustrobyn

Question Hello Regina! My question is just from curiosity: Did you & Henry ever have family pictures taken over the years?! :)


We did, usually near Christmas. Though I preferred to have more pictures of him than with me in them.

Question You should get back at Emma by banging Hook; He's hot.


This is one of the single most idiotic things I’ve ever read in regards to the situation at hand. Which is quite a feat because just about everyone has been ridiculous.

That is the most disgusting solutions given to this certain problem. Why don’t you just say go kill hook that’s a better fucking idea.